The Balloon Man

(C) Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFFAW), Aug 27, 2015. This photo brings you to the challenge page. Hosted by Priceless Joy.
(C) Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFFAW), Aug 27, 2015. This photo brings you to the challenge page. Hosted by Priceless Joy.

“Momma! Look! Balloons!”

Little Jenny tugged hard on her mother’s arm in the direction of the balloon man.

“Not now, Jenny,” Donna huffed irritantly.

Donna picked up her walking pace, hoping that it would force Jenny to stop looking at that balloon man. But alas, her plan backfired. On her third step, she stretched her skirt slightly too far and the seam gave way. With a loud RIIIP, the skirt revealed four inches more of her skin.

“Oh curses!”

The loud rip made people turn around and everyone started to stare in her direction. Jenny giggled loudly, which made matters worse. Donna tends to fumble when she is nervous. She kept her head down, but somehow she did not see the huge kerb in front of her and SMACK, she crashed her shoe into it. Donna promptly collapsed into a mess on the floor.

“Mom? Are you okay?” Jenny’s eyes glistened with genuine concern.

“Are you okay, m’am?” A deep voice came from behind.

Donna whipped her head around. It was the balloon man.

He held out a helium balloon shaped like Olaf the Snowman to Jenny. Without hesitating, Jenny took it.

“Thank you, sir!”

“Jenny, give it back. I don’t want to buy a balloon.”

Before Jenny could protest, the balloon man cut in.

“It’s free, m’am,” his deep voice boomed.

Then he added, “Come, I have a pair of spare pants in here somewhere too.”

Donna, still sprawled on the floor, was at a loss. Finally, she caved, and accepted the balloon man’s outstretched hand. He pulled her to her feet and dusted her down.

“There you go, sweetpea.”

Donna froze. Only one other person in the world called her that.

She realized she had not gotten a close look at the balloon man yet. She peered under his cap and her suspicions were confirmed.

“Why, sweetpea? Surprised to see me? Your dear old papa?”

Word count: 317

The Balloon Man

8 thoughts on “The Balloon Man

  1. Great story! I loved the ending! She was having a very bad day and then to find out the person to help you is your papa! Thank you so much for participating in the FFfAW challenge Fred! Just a reminder, the word limit is 175 words. No one gets in trouble or gets kicked off for going over because we all do from time to time. We just need to keep the word limit in mind when we are creating our stories. Again, thank you for participating in the FFfAW challenge!

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  2. A good story, Frederick. 🙂 Donna really wasn’t having a good day, was she? Hopefully seeing her father will improve it, not make it worse. From the fact that she didn’t recognise his voice straight away I’m thinking she probably hasn’t seen her ‘dear old papa’ for some time…

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  3. Well, that was a surprise ending. It appears that Donna wasn’t a person to appreciate the fair, or the balloon man. She seemed in too much of a hurry to look at anything! Her nasty fall was a shame, though, and probably embarrassed her more that hurt her physically. I get the feeling she hadn’t seen her papa for a while, as she didn’t recognise his voice. Hopefully, papa’s kindness will help Donna to enjoy the day a little better. Nice story, Frederick. 🙂

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