Retrospective Regrets

There is never a point in time where he looked back and did not wonder how was he ever so afraid then. As a child, he never reached out to anybody. His best friend was his water tumbler and lunch box. He ate alone, sat alone, went home alone. The other kids ignored him.

Primary school was a little bit better, he made several friends, but number was never more than the number you can count on your fingers. He did make a best friend, and they were thick as blood. They went everywhere together and played every game together.

But after graduation, he never saw him again. Then secondary school rolled around, and he was back in a shell. He spoke up when he was called upon but otherwise he never felt like he belonged among his friends. They seemed to be of a completely different wavelength.

Then high school came knocking, and suddenly he became another man. He had vowed to change for the better and speak up more frequently and he did. He became chairperson of his class and a vital leader in many activities. He looked back several times and wondered why he never started earlier.

But not long after, it was time for college and more barriers to be broken, more hurdles to be overcome. He played a vital role in almost every club he was in. And he was in almost every club the college had to offer. He looked back at high school and thought, why hadn’t I done this sooner?

Now as he stands ramrod-straight on the stage, facing a roaring crowd and the ever-hungry press vultures, he wondered, how was he ever the boy that peed his pants just because he was called to stand up to answer a question.

Retrospective Regrets

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