Too Fast, Too Soon

It occurred to me this morning while sorting out my laundry that I my life has suddenly taken a drastic turn without myself knowing. My easygoing lifestyle has somehow transformed into a hectic one. I can’t find time to read any more, and reading is and always will be my favorite hobby. If I can’t find the time to read, don’t even mention about finding the time to blog. Time is just so crucial to me now.

Now, how laundry caused all this is because I was sorting out my freshly washed socks. Today, I took the extra measure to pair my socks up before putting them into their drawer. Usually, I don’t do this. I just toss them in. This makes it slightly harder to find a pair of matching socks in the morning, especially when you’re in a rush. Thus, on most days, the type of socks that I wear for the day is usually determined by the first matching pair that I manage to find. Sometimes, I don’t even match my socks at all.

Now, in retrospect, I realized that it was very lazy and unorganized of me. Why isn’t this a habit of mine? I love organized-ness. I guess the reason is because of my tendency to do everything with a sense of urgency. Pairing socks up may or may not be urgent, depending on your personality, but to me then, it was the lowest on my priority list.

When has my life became such a rush? I need a chill pill one of these days. Someone please pour a dozen down my throat.

I feel like I’m already suffering from all the negative aspects of a middle-aged-turning-white working individual. First, there’s the perpetual rush that I am always in. Secondly, there’s the forgetfulness.

I forget tons of things. I talk to my friends and then I decide that I can contribute to the conversation with something from my phone. So I unlock my phone. Then I forget exactly what I was looking for.

I can buy groceries from the supermarket then lay them in a corner, then when I feel like I’m craving for some food, I completely forget that they were there and then I make a mental note to myself to pickup more chips from the supermarket. Ironically, I remember to pick them up upon the next visit. But I wish I didn’t. Because now I have too much chips. (You can actually never have too much chips.)

Just ten minutes ago, I actually forgotten that I wanted to write this post and I was staring at the blank tab in my Google Chrome browser, questioning myself, what on earth was I about to do?

Where has my childhood gone? I don’t remember a single hour of it.The only thing I can remember is my presentation due on Monday (tomorrow) and the script that I have yet to memorize.

Speaking of my script, I better get to that now. Ciao!

Too Fast, Too Soon

7 thoughts on “Too Fast, Too Soon

      1. Us humans will simply never be content with what we have, will we? The negative aspects are just to hard to ignore, while the positive ones we always take for granted.


  1. Yes, good luck with your presentation, I’m sure you will do well! Sometimes we have to go through the “busyness” of life to build our careers and such. But always look for those time you can rest your mind and “chill out” for awhile. It will help you keep your sanity. Having a lot on our minds will make us a bit forgetful. I suggest making lists. I am big on making lists. But hey! It keeps me on track and organized. Good luck Fred!

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