He sat there in the corner, just waiting. From his perspective, he thought everyone must be wondering what he was doing there. He felt insecure and afraid.

From his perspective, the rest shot him furtive glances and suspicious stares. He tried his best to avoid them, but he honestly had nowhere else to look. He ended up looking at each and every one of them, straight in the eye.

But from their perspective, more than half of them were busy and occupied with something else. The student was walking with hasty strides towards an appointment that he was already late for. The businessman was too busy hoping that no one would notice he wore a horribly coordinated outfit that day. The celebrity was too busy strutting her stuff about and being wary for cameras and fans.

The moral is, you always seem in the weaker and less desirable position in your own head. Think less and don’t mull over your own thoughts too much. Leave psychology to the scholarly people.


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