It’s a New Year

So the year has finished running its course once more. And where was he this time? In another poorly lit room with loud music but accompanied by a different group of friends. Together, they danced the night – and the year – away.

But as the night slowed down, he began to wonder what has he truly accomplished in those three hundred and sixty five days. Or has he been running in circles. Well, he did end up celebrating New Year’s eve partying again. Has he simply spent a year just to end up where he started?

He racked his brain to rise above its alcohol-induced haze to come up with an achievement in the past year, any achievement. He came up flat. Perhaps it was the alcohol. But he did not drink pass his limit, so his cognitive functions should not have performed that poorly. So it was with some trepidation that he concluded, he has indeed just wasted a year doing nothing.



It’s a New Year

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