What’s after graduation? 

What’s after graduation is the question I seek to answer. Or rather, I have an answer somewhat ready. I’d work with a mediocre company while practicing accountancy and work my way up the corporate ladder. While doing that, I’d like to gather savings as well to fund my sticks portfolio and also to form a capital for my start-up ideas. Eventually, I hope my business will take flight and replace me as the stable source of income.

Sounds idealistic? Too idealistic? Maybe it is.

But there’s another question I also seek to answer. Who will be left after graduation?

I have been wondering (and maybe overthinking) recently about which of my friends will remain with me after graduation. In fact, will any of them remain at all?

To my loyal readers, if any are left remaining after my year long break, do any of you still have friends from school that remain in your life?


~still overthinking

What’s after graduation? 

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