Gregor (Harvey Part 4)

As Harvey queued for his food a rather tall and hunky-looking boy walked up directly beside him, just as Harvey reached the front of the queue.

“I’m in a rush, you don’t mind do you?” He was staring, literally looking down at Harvey.

Harvey was six feet tall, and he was not used to being looked down at, but he knew he was miniscule compared to the brute of a man standing beside him, and thus decided to remain quiet.

A humble ‘hmmph’ was all Harvey said in reply.

But the brute did not seem to bother even waiting for his reply, for he then turned directly to the store keeper and listed out his order.

“Imbecile,” Harvey silently thought.

Shortly, the brute took his food and left, leaving Harvey to glare at his enormous back.

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Gregor (Harvey Part 4)

Another Product of Insomnia (3rd part of Harvey)

Couldn’t sleep. So here you go.

“Time’s up! Everybody stop writing, pens down now!” Mr Wick announced as he stood up from his seat and stopped using what apparently seemed like a knitting kit. He went round the class and collected the papers. Harvey put his pen down, and felt proud of what he had managed to do. A thousand was a ridiculous amount of questions to do in an hour, and Harvey only managed seventy-seven. Nevertheless, he was feeling bigheaded for being able to solve that many questions.

Mr Wick then dismissed the class, boasting that he will be able to finish marking later that day, and ordered them to assemble after their last period.

Literature was after Mathematics and Harvey paid barely any attention to the teacher. A young Ms Weebo was trying her hardest to make an ancient poet from the warring times sound interesting.

And she was failing miserably, thought Harvey.

Harvey thought about the pop quiz he just had and began to daydream. He enjoyed the pop quiz and imagined himself being the one with the best score. Then Mr Wick would pay special attention to Harvey, the star pupil, the top of the class, the…

“Harvey Tan! Something on your mind that you wish to tell the class?” Harvey was shook out of his reverie, and poor Ms Weebo was furious.

Harvey felt indignant as well but keeping his cool, he calmly replied, “No, Ms Weebo.”

Her name rolled off his tongue awkwardly. What kind of a name is Weebo anyway? Harvey wondered where she was from. Perhaps from some less known indigenous tribe? Or she could be Chinese… or from some other part of Asia…

Ms Weebo glanced at Harvey. It seemed like he was one of the ‘dreamers’. Oh well, she would have to have a word with him afterwards.

The bell rung, and the kids grabbed their bags to rush off. Literature was boring, plus it was a break, and the kids were more than anxious to do whatever it is that kids do.

“Harvey Tan. Stay back please,” Ms Weebo announced. The other kids sniggered. Harvey was unabashed.

“Yes, Ms Weebo?” Harvey can tell from her tone, there was going to be trouble. Shit, he thought, I don’t want to get into trouble on the first day!

“Can you tell me what’s on your mind, Harvey?” Ms Weebo calmly asked.

“Umm….” Harvey could not reply as he did not want to share his self-conceited thoughts with anyone, particularly not a teacher. So he played dumb instead. “Oh nothing, I just feel so intimidated by this school. It’s so big!” He replied stupidly.

“Well, there’s no need to be intimidated, Harvey. You seem to be coping well,” Ms Weebo replied with a wink in her eye. Besides being unorthodox, Mr Wick was also famous for his ingenious system of marking, and has already informed Ms Weebo that Harvey was exceptional at Mathematics.

Harvey was confused. What on earth was she talking about? But at the same time, he felt relief from her sudden change of tone. Maybe this teacher isn’t so bad after all, he thought.

“Ah, I hope so too, Ms Weebo” Harvey replied.

“Just make sure to pay attention next time, Harvey,” Ms Weebo reminded, “Okay, you may go.”

Harvey thanked the teacher then grabbed his sling bag and headed out, hoping there was still an empty table in the canteen somewhere.

After reading several fiction blogs, I realize I may have to change my style. It’s slightly long-winded with the chunky paragraphs I think. I hope I can shorten it to make it less dry. Hope you enjoy!



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Another Product of Insomnia (3rd part of Harvey)

Challenge Accepted(2nd Part of Harvey)

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But here’s the second excerpt of Harvey’s life

As Harvey and his mother approached the school, Harvey suggested that he would be fine if she dropped him out right then and there. After all, it was more convenient for Harvey to handle all the administration issues by himself, and his mother could save time and avoid the trouble of having to enter and exit the school. His mother knew there was no way around Harvey so she gave in and wished him luck for his school year.

As expected, Harvey handled the admin and exited the office, he checked his timetable. The first lesson that Harvey was scheduled for that day was Mathematics, and not for another hour. The administration officer explained that the hour was supposed to allow Harvey to explore the school and hopefully make new friends along the way.

It wasn’t Harvey’s first time at the school, so he felt like he was already familiar with the site, thus decided to head into the classroom early to briefly prepare himself for the lesson. Mathematics was Harvey’s strong suit, and he felt relieved to have it as his very first lesson of the year.

He found his way to the designated classroom easily enough, but what happened next came as a shock to Harvey. Someone had the exact same plan as he did, and has beaten him to it. Two girls were sitting in the very first row, nearest to the teacher’s table. They were too caught up in their chatter and did not notice Harvey when he entered the classroom. Feeling slightly bothered, Harvey decided that their noise would disturb his plan to study and thus, headed away, finally settling for a nearby empty classroom.

Mr Wick was rumored to be the most unorthodox mathematics teacher in the school, but Harvey did not know that yet. Thus, the second shock that Harvey had that morning was a surprise pop quiz. He had prepared a booklet with a thousand questions in them, and joked that whoever finished all thousand questions within an hour could get excused from his class for the whole year. Harvey chuckled at this. Challenge accepted.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

and Mr Wick isn’t the best name in the world. still thinking of a more appropriate name, but Wick will have to do for now, I guess.

Challenge Accepted(2nd Part of Harvey)

An Insomniac Night of Creative Productivity(1st Part of Harvey)

Harvey could not feel any less bothered about the first day of high school. It would definitely not be any different from the six years of primary education that he had no regrets leaving behind. He would not miss any of his dumb friends who often had no idea what was going on during class; he was the only one paying attention to the teacher every time. No more them pestering Harvey for help with homework. No more weird stares. This was exactly what Harvey needed. A fresh start.

“Uh… is it okay if I send you to school on your first day, honey?” Harvey’s mother hazarded an offer.

To her, she felt that her child was growing up frighteningly quick, and was becoming independent in every way imaginable. She knew it would not be long before he would completely stop relying on her. Harvey’s dad left them a long time ago, which spurred a change in Harvey. Harvey and his dad were more than just close; they were both so intelligent, and worldly, and chatted to each other about a huge variety of topics, ranging from the sublime to the bizarre. She often found herself unable to understand or follow their conversations, being a woman from a poor educational background, thus never interfered, indirectly failing to fulfill her maternal duty to Harvey.

It was their close and seemingly unbreakable bond that brought such a shock to Harvey when his dad left, that it left him utterly devastated. That was the turning point in his life, where Harvey promised himself, never to rely on anyone else other than himself ever again.

He abided this self-imposed rule like a law, flouting it only when he had questions to ask his teachers. Even then, it seemed like there was nothing that Harvey could not learn from the almighty internet. This inadvertently isolated Harvey, as he kept to himself and only himself for most of the time, and he slowly grew distant from everyone else, including his own mother.

Harvey’s mom shed a tear as she looked at her little boy, no, at her fully grown son, a man, although he was a mere sixteen years of age. She hastily wiped the tear away, afraid of the effect it may have on Harvey. Fortunately, he did not notice and instead, caught his mother by surprise with his answer.

“Yes, of course, I would love a ride on my first day,” Harvey replied politely and smiled.

So what do you think of it? The name is inspired by the cocky know-it-all with impeccably immaculate hair from Suits, can you guess who?

Have not yet thought of a name for the school, or the mother, or the father yet. Suggestions are welcome 🙂

An Insomniac Night of Creative Productivity(1st Part of Harvey)