Why is ‘Completionist’ Not a Word Yet?

Ugh. Frustrated. I have been reading other people’s blogs for the past… four hours? (I completely lost track of time. What is time? Can it be eaten?) Anyway, I have been reading… until this hopeless piece of technology in which my fingers are interacting with decides that it could take no more and *flings imaginary hands into air* gives up.

The really frustrating issue is… I had so many tabs open. And I don’t have any methods of recovery. (I disabled the history function due to privacy paranoia issues.) I wasn’t even close to halfway through my first open tab, which happens to be Still Life with Grad Student . It’s a pretty decent read, if you’re the self-implosive, life-hating, profanities-loving type. (Which I embarassedly am) (embarassedly isn’t a word?!)

That brings me to question my habit. I’m always opening too many tabs that I will never read. I blame it on my ‘completionist’ mindset. (there, I created another word) Let me define it: Completionist: A person who feels a compulsive need to complete whatever task one is engaged in, such as watching a youtube video to the end, no matter how boring, or feeling the need to play a game to the end, in which all achievements are… um.. achieved.

That said, I am not an extreme completionist. I do sometimes give up on youtube videos. However, I still feel the pain of abandoning things when I do. I swear the creators of Pokemon are out to get me. I mean, who can possibly catch every single Pokemon in every single version and train them all to level 100?

But back to context, now I feel a huge looming and crushing curiosity over myself, simply due to the fact that I will never have the chance to read all those blogs’ contents I had in those open tabs. (Unless of course, I go through the agonizing torture of retracing my steps.)

Are you a completionist too? I can’t be the only one right?

That said, I wonder why the word completionist still has a red wavy line below it. I just consulted my lovely friend Google and he replied that there were 1.26 million results for it.

(I used ‘That said’ twice. I know. It’s staring at me in the face. I’m deeply ashamed.)

Why is ‘Completionist’ Not a Word Yet?

The Best Movies never obey Physics

I haven’t watched a movie in quite some time. The last one I watched was three months ago and I watched ‘Interstellar’. All I could say about that movie is “Brilliant, Christopher, you’ve made a movie that left me cynical to watch another movie ever again.” Now, this is not directing hate to Chris, but I really don’t see the point to movies like those. It may be a blockbuster but I think it shouldn’t have been one. It’s too sciencey and not really appropriate for everyone.

I much prefer watching cartoons. My reason is because cartoons are unrealistic. The heroes never die, the boy always gets the girl, and the villain always repents. There’s never a sad moment! I would say that cartoons are on the other end of the spectrum as opposed to Interstellar in terms of its reality factor.

Now, right smack in the middle of the spectrum, lies everything else, including Bollywood, action, romance etc. They are half realistic, and the other half not. Take movies such as Fast & Furious, where the cars do not obey the laws of gravity. The fly, they drift, they spin and do everything a car shouldn’t, just so the audience are pleased. The bullets never pierce Dominic’s car windows and the villains never thought about flanking or any other strategies etc. The villains in one of the movie in the series are in fact, the police. And I’m impressed that the police entry exam’s bar is set so low that basic tactical lessons weren’t given.
However, given all the criticism, I enjoyed watching F&F. Why? Because it served it’s purpose. It gave me a moment of escapism, to enter a world where cars can drive without friction and humans are so buff that they become bulletproof.

I may not have the qualifications to become a movie producer, but here are my two cents. I think a movie that simply has 90 minutes of action would sell terrifically. The budget would be mediocre too. Just hire several thugs and a fight choreographer, then buy a green screen and a computer. I have been looking for such a movie and so far the best action movie I’ve found is The A-team. Lots of explosions. And the girl is rather pretty. Sex appeal always sells.

Now, this post was originally titled ‘Movie Producers Should be Sent Back to School’ but it didn’t quite ‘umbrella’ the contents. It does, however, answer to the maker of this Bollywood movie who’ve obviously never heard of friction, gravity, and probably thinks Isaac Newton is a 90’s pop star. This is a clip.
The caption translates to “Don’t you dare to mess with the police of India.”

The Best Movies never obey Physics

Why I Don’t Want Children

Today’s afternoon was a wet one. But it was the cold, soothing, stay-inside-and-nap-all-day kind of afternoon.The sound of the rain falling itself was enough to make the entire atmosphere peaceful and tranquil. It made me forget about time and made me just want to sit on the front step and stare at the rain together with my dad, and my dog.

Then my father said something that somewhat spoilt the mood. “I wish I can listen to this kind of rain all day.”

Of course, to anyone, this sounds completely innocent. But no one knew the suffering that my father goes through everyday. He has a condition called tinnitus, more commonly known as the “ringing of the ear” illness. He describes it as a high pitched screech that goes on and on and he’s the only one that can hear it. Kind of like a mosquito trapped behind your eardrum. He wishes to listen to rain all day because it can drown out the ringing.

He has other chronic conditions too. Consistent neck aches, scoliosis, numbness from the neck down, short-sightedness, poor memory, and so on. It pains me to see him wearing all the medication, ointment and various other things he uses. He says it comes naturally with old age, and there’s nothing I can do to prevent them. There’s no miracle food I can eat and no miracle life habit I can practice to prevent them from coming to me. It runs in the family, he says. My father had scoliosis, and so did his father, and probably the father before that too.

Surely with all the advanced technology and science, there must be some way around this? Like, extract the DNA that causes these ailments and vanquish them. Or produce a gene that counters aches and tinnitus. Someone could design nanorobots that help to promote blood circulation and prevent numbness. And let’s hope that these solutions do not cost me an arm, a leg and a kidney.

If they do, then I hope I live a short life so I’m spared from going through the suffering. Maybe I will commit the greatest sacrifice and save the rest of the Tan generation from suffering by choosing not to continue my lineage.

Yours faithfully, in support of birth control,


Why I Don’t Want Children

Why Video Editors Should be Shot

The problem with media nowadays is the selective broadcasting. They broadcast too many success stories and cool stuff that make us feel over-ambitious and envious. Just flip open today’s paper and count the number of students, athletes, entrepreneurs and artists that have made it big. Now try to find a failure story. Someone who lost his business due to a stroke of bad luck, or a chef who got bankrupt, or a student who failed his exams yet again, despite studying for months and months. Did you find any?

Heck, you can even scroll through Facebook. A good portion of my Facebook is my friends sharing videos captioned: “WOW!”, “Amazing talent!” or “Sick moves, bro!”. Nobody shares the videos captioned: ‘”HAHA FAIL!!” Where are the “Epic Fail Compilation” videos? I think we need more of those. The last video I watched is about a girl who dances while longboard-ing. I must admit, the girl is sweet and very talented. I watched the video to the end and I go, “Wow, I want to learn how to do that. It looks easy.” But the truth is, behind the scenes, the poor girl probably fell down a gazillion times to perfect her talent and has a huge bruise somewhere, bless her.

It’s no secret that behind all great videos, there is an even greater video editor. But these people deserve to be shot down. They are the reason why the children nowadays all want to perform silly stunts and pranks that they learnt online without knowing the dangers, risks and consequences. If the video editor would to compile a collage of the girl falling over before she finally lands on the longboard, I’m pretty sure I would not call longboard-ing cool anymore and I won’t want to waste a few hundred precious bucks just to put my life at risk.

Now get me my gun. I’m going to Brazil to find that girl and shoot her video editor down. Then maybe I’ll ask her out. Unless she edits her own videos. I haven’t thought of that…

Just joking. Guns are banned in Malaysia.

PS: If anyone is kind enough to donate me a longboard, I would kindly accept 🙂

PPS: I’m such a hypocrite.

Oh, and here’s the link to the Facebook video, if you’re interested. She actually falls at the very beginning, but I don’t think its enough. There should be blood and a bone sticking out and… and I should probably go get myself checked…

Why Video Editors Should be Shot

An Original Fanfiction

So I’m planning to write an original fanfiction, plot still yet to decide. Introducing, the two leads:

First, a male, name tentatively undecided, but highly capable and intelligent. A man of many paradoxical traits, he is playful yet responsible. He fools around, but is a high achiever, and has stellar results in his profession (still yet to decide, I’m thinking law) He wittily mocks, teases, and bullies(playfully, of course) everyone in his firm/company, and some of his closer friends, yet everyone tolerates, and most of the time, enjoys his company. He is entertaining, and has cute looks. He is arrogant, cocky and self-centered, but for good reasons, and never to an extreme extent. As for his love life, he is happily in love with a girl, who is in most ways his opposite. But that doesn’t stop him from flirting around, but he never goes beyond the point of no return. His flirtations are always limited to playful conversations, and never more.

His girlfriend, is controlling, firm and is used to always getting her way. She is the only one to be able to truly tame the male lead, to get him to be serious.She is unimaginably elegant, causing guys toswoon over, and girls to admire her. She shall be a woman who prides herself with her job, identifiable with her position in her company, as her boyfriend shall be. She is optimistic, able to say the right things at the right time, magnanimous, charitable and generous.

SPOILER In a later part of her story, her calm demeanor shall break, when her boyfriend leaves her, and she would lose all composure, becoming a completely different person.

I look forward to writing it! As I hope you do, look forward to reading it.


hopefully a potential author

An Original Fanfiction