Snippets From The Subway Story

Hi all! I have been compiling a(nother) list of my experiences whilst working at Subway. It’s somewhat a continuation of my first list. (List number one can be found here.) There are funny thoughts and frustrated thoughts and some others are in between. I hope I can trust all you readers to not confide with my supervisor about these things that I’m about to share. Enjoy!

  1. I especially hate it when ravenous customers order huge meals and then proceeds to demand for all the vegetables and even extra portions. Their sandwich will be exploding at the seam and almost impossible to fold. I wonder how do they even fit it into their mouth. Do they have un-hinge-able jaws?
  2. When customers address you by your name, inside, I silently go: Oh my god HE/SHE KNOWS WHO I AM. I love that (a few) customers are finally starting to addressing me with my name. A name tag isn’t there just for fun yknow. It also makes my day.
  3. When customers speak too softly, I want them to… SPEAK THE F**K UP. Are they trying to break my highest record of number of “Pardon?” I say in a row?
  4. Once, this British guy walked in and when I was about to put pickles on his sandwich, he told me this: In English we call them Gurkens but in American they call them pickles. Which is so odd because all my life, even throughout all the Sherlock and Doctor Who I watch, I have never heard of gurkens. It’s not even registered as a word! There’s a wavy red line below it! Maybe he made it up.
  5. I love that colleagues getting friendlier and ARE STARTING TO ACTUALLY NOTICE ME! I’m not the invisible rookie anymore!
  6. On the other hand, my supervisor got grumpier. Darn!
  7. Well, I hate that school holidays and the Ramadan period just began because now there are busier peak periods.
  8. One day, we got a surprise visitor in our store. His name is Felix. And Felix was extremely friendly, he buzzed around the entire shop and took a look at all the food that we kept. He kept trying to get his hands on some of the food and we had a headache having to constantly fend him off. Then, one of my supervisors, a chinese woman, let’s call her P, swooped in and grabbed him firmly. Oh, did I mention Felix was a fly? Felix the fly, yes. P swooped in, and caught him, with her bare hands. How impressive is that?
Snippets From The Subway Story

When Parents Keep Asking You to Study

You know what holidays are like, don’t you? You’ve definitely been to school, or you might even still be schooling.

Well, what does everyone in school look forward to? (Brace yourself for an overgeneralized stereotypical answer.) Everyone looks forward to the holidays! Spring break, or summer break, or winter break, or semester break, or June holidays, or whatever you call it from wherever you are from.

It’s Spring Break and dhe crowd goes wild!!

Well, I know I love my holidays. But there is a catch.

I study abroad, away from my parents in Malaysia, living on my lonely lonesome in a hostel in Singapore. Holidays carry a special meaning to me. They mean that I get to finally go home.

But home is never what I expect it to be.

Here’s what I expect it to be: Home should feel like those commercial houses near the beach that people rent out to Spring break people to party in, with unlimited wifi, unlimited food, no curfew, no lights out time. Basically, no rules. Do whatever you want.

I’m imagining a getaway like this.

It’s the least I can expect from parents who have not seen their little baby for months, isn’t it?

But noooo, here’s reality:

“Fred get off the laptop.”

“Fred, study.”

“Fred, how come I never see you open a book?”

“Fred, how come you spend the whole day in your room?”

“Fred, when I say get off your laptop, it doesn’t mean you can use your phone.”

“Fred, how about I send you to tuition classes?”

“Fred, go write an essay.”

The nagging never stops.

Frankly, it feels worse here. I rather stay put in my hostel on my lonely lonesome than come back to a hellish home. I feel that my parents has lost their understanding of the concept of ‘holiday.’ They should be sent back to school.

How about you? Were holidays always what you expected it to be? Did you spend your holidays being a complete internet potato or did you go all out with wild parties? Did you enjoy the extra face time with your parents and siblings? Or should your parents be sent back to school as well?

When Parents Keep Asking You to Study

When Death Walked In

The door swings open. It’s a bald, gleaming, shiny head. The bald, gleaming, shiny head. The stench in the air is palpable. It is the stench of fear, and it was an all-you-can-eat-buffet for the nose which belonged to the bald head.
“What are you idiots waiting for? Go greet the food auditor!” The supervisor reprimanded his staff in a hushed whisper.
The staff proceeded to welcome the Grim Reaper wearing a bald-man-suit as a practised choir. Grim Reaper paid no attention, instead stalked straight for the kitchen.

The supervisor trodded behind him, not unlike a freshly nagged kid. Then Death spoke, “If I can taste a trace of food on whatever that used to contain, I’m suspending your license.” He stared pointedly at a container.

The unorthodox test caused the supervisor to take a moment to process what Death uttered. When at last he understood, he began to word his confused disbelief, “You can’t be serious…” But the container was already cradled by Death’s spiny spiderweb-y fingers, and it appeared to corrupt at his very touch. Death opened his mouth, and a tendril slithered out. The air stilled in that room, and a morgue may arguably be a more lively place than that kitchen at that precise moment.

Death’s tendril traced a slimy path on the container’s inner wall and withdrew.

“I can taste it…”

The supervisor and his staff visibly stiffened. Teeth were gritted, veins throbbed, breaths were held and five pairs of eyes widened.

“I can taste your license renewal.”

And nobody imagined that even Death was capable of a warm smile.

When Death Walked In


This is my first attempt at vocabulary creation. Do you ever find yourself in a unique situation several times but it cannot be described with a single word? Do you feel that there should be such a word? Well, I did, and thus, I did this. This may or may not be an attempt at humor, feel free to take me lightly or seriously, however you wish 😀



The worrying feeling that you may have made an error but when you come back to correct it, you discover that it has been correct all along.

Synonyms: none. (which is why I created this word)

Other word forms:

Unreariness (noun)
Unrearily (adverb)

Example sentences:

The sense of unreariness nagged at John all day long, only to be an unnecessary cause of stress when he discovered that he did remember to shut the windows that morning.

How did I do? I always get the sense of unreariness when I blog. Like I suddenly remembered a better way to phrase something on my blog while showering, then when I login to WordPress, I discover that it has already been phrased as such 😀
The word is actually a shortened version of unreasoned worry.


According to Me – Icebreakers

According to Me, icebreakers are a perfectly ordinary social tool. It does not earn a person the right to be accused of being nosy, or random, or of the like.

I like being vocal and I suppose I am the type of person who simply cannot bear being silent. Perhaps I am in love with the sound of my own voice. I have heard that that is an actual “thing”. Anyhow, I abhor silence. Thus, whenever the awkward silence looms upon us and readies its wings for its downward descent, I launch the icebreaking questions. Some call it out of the blue, but I really don’t see why they do. I ask generic questions like: Do you have a pet? or What’s your favorite color? or even aptly relevant questions like Feeling nervous? to the interview candidate beside me. For some reason, this earned me a propensity to be accused of being “So random” when in actuality I am merely sparking conversation with perfectly innocent icebreakers. What do you think? Am I jumping topics too quickly? Or is it perfectly justified?

You would not believe the number of times when I heard “Huh? Why so random?” from my friends or when I encountered raised eyebrows from others. Really, is there anything wrong with using these very general icebreakers to halt the march of that ghastly fiend known as ‘awkward silence’?

According to Me – Icebreakers