GravatarIn this blog, you will find/ will have found mostly fiction, some poetry, and some personal and very opinionated posts.

If you want to get to know me, read on about the 20+ facts I have written below. I believe the simplest way to let you get to know me is a simple list of 20 facts:

(It was 20 when I first wrote it. But I am constantly updating it so it may be more than 20 as of time read.)

Here’s my picture —->

  • 1) Malaysian Chinese
  • 2) Studied in Singapore
  • 3) I enjoy Maths & Sciences
  • 4) tall and skinny, with a body that makes teenage girls green with envy
  • 5) I enjoy going to facials, and getting junk extracted from my face
  • 6) The keyboard is my only musical instrument, the computer keyboard
  • 7) Sinker, not a swimmer
  • 8) Dubstep, it’s not music, it’s a way of life
  • 9) Dota 2, but I’m trying to cut down on gaming
  • 10) Aspires to be a writer, Fiction-Fantasy
  • 11) Single child, no siblings, thus forever alone
  • 12) Rat year, Gemini, which means I’m an absolutely sly, two-faced mothafocka
  • 13) Dogs > Cats, I have a beagle-spitz named Max
  • 14) Aichmophobia(sharp objects), Haemophobia(blood), Thanatophobia(death)
  • 15) I can proudly declare I can cook a decent variety of meals
  • 16) I gym, but you can’t tell, something must have went seriously wrong
  • 17) As of now, I have never raved, but I think it’s the best thing in the world
  • 18) I was notorious in primary school for using the fire extinguisher to decorate my school compound
  • 19) Then 5 years later, I threw up on my friend after several sips of vodka
  • 20) Writing this wasn’t easy but I hope you had fun reading it as I had while typing it!!
  • 21) I may seem very pessimistic in this blog but my motto as of now is “Hope for the best, but expect the worst.”
  • 22) I prefer not to watch television sports, but I enjoy playing sports myself.
  • 23) I have selected Business Admin (Accountancy) as the college course to pursue. I just think it’s practical and that’s pretty much the only reason I have.
  • 24) I like to annoy people. It’s a form of entertainment for me and it also helps to sieve out superficial friends who don’t have the patience and time for me from the ones who do.
  • 25) I like to behave cocky like I already achieved success. Read this for more elaboration.
  • 26) I really really don’t appreciate my parents nor do I find a reason to.

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