He was thrust into the room that felt completely foreign to him. He hovered by the door hesitantly, scanning the faces one by one, hoping that he will see someone familiar, but knowing he would not. There was indeed no one he knew. Shit. He wished then that he was invisible, or could camouflage but he already felt eyes on him and he felt the hands pulling him forward and pushing him from behind.

“Introduce yourself!”

He stood with his arms hanging down infront of him, making his bulk look smaller than it actually was. His eyes were trained at his feet and the floral patterned carpet but they slowly wandered up, and his eyes met many other pairs that were looking expectantly at him. His mouth twitched into a nervous smile which resembled more of a gritting of his teeth with the corners of his mouth turned up slightly.

“I- I- I’m Rick.”

“Hi Rick!” came the chorus.

He was ushered into a seat beside a girl bearing a “MED RAG” tee. He thought she looked gorgeous. Naturally, he blushed.

“Hi there!” The girl turned to face him enthusiastically. “Your name is Rick right?”

He nodded, his eyes darting from the ground, to her face, then back to the ground again.

“Is Rick short for anything?”

He nodded again, this time he kept his eyes trained at the leg of the chair in front of him.

The girl looked at him expectantly and ducked her head to try to see his face, which was half hidden because he kept his head bowed and his long hair obscured her from a perfect view. Then, realizing he was not going to speak, she spoke up instead.

“Hey, you don’t have to be so shy!! My name is Elsa! Like from the movie Frozen!” She stuck out her hand.

He stopped boring the carpet with his gaze and looked at her hand. Rather, he examined it as if he was trying to decide if it was harmful to him in any way. The pair paused there uncertainly, waiting for Rick to complete the gesture. Then instead, Elsa moved and grabbed Rick’s right hand with hers, and shook it.

“There!” She let go of his hand. “So what do you study?”

“Accounting,” he mumbled.

Elsa was then feeling very grateful for the fact that she had excellent hearing because otherwise, she would never have heard his whisper over the loud din. Everyone were having great conversations around her and getting to know one another. It was the first icebreaker session they had as a group and everyone was speaking all at once and the room resembled a noisy fish market in the morning.

“Are you a freshman?”

He nodded. Then he spoke up. “You?”

As he spoke, he stopped bowing his head and looked up at her. It was the first time after he entered the room when his eyes saw something beautiful other than the carpet. His eyes unintentionally widened and a deep red flushed across his face. He immediately looked back to the florals on the ground. He hoped she did not notice.

But she did.

Elsa felt a flutter of hope when he finally raised his head, then she finally got a clear view of his face and what she saw surprised her greatly. He had an adorable nose and a pair of black spectacles framed a pair of curious, albeit shy, eyes. But the main feature she noticed was the deep red of his cheeks. Was he blushing? Her smile faltered for a second. Then she picked up the conversation once more.

“So what school were you from?”

Rick now was very careful to orientate his head such that his hair completely obscured his face now. He could feel the heat in his cheeks and wished that it would go away.

“Anderson,” He answered.

“Anderson JC? Oh okay, I’m from poly(technic).”

Rick felt a twinge of disappointment. He had a poor impression of polytechnic students. He himself went to a Junior College and he always thought polytechnic students were an academically ill-equipped bunch. But this girl seemed genuinely nice, and there was something about her that made him be able to tell that she was smart. Possibly smarter than him, but that is not very likely.

Gingerly, his mouth moved and formed words that he never imagined he would ever utter that night, if not forever.

Elsa was caught by surprise when her excellent hearing picked up his words as well.

“Elsa, I don’t like poly students.”

She felt a disgust surge through her because she always believed in kindness.

Rick waited a long pause before he plucked the courage to say the next sentence that followed.

“But that was before I met you.”


An Angel’s Story

ангел и демон на плечах
Writing Prompt #107 “Passenger”. This photo brings you to the challenge page. Hosted by, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Do you have any idea how difficult my job is? I’m not supposed to complain
because it’s against my code. But I was granted permission by my higher ups to
share my experience today.

I may be what you call a ‘rebellious spirit’. I guess it’s very appropriate in
my context. You see, I don’t always do the things that I’m expected to do.
Sometimes I interpret my orders in my own way, such as last week, I was told
to stop my host from getting drunk at the bar. And I did my job, but you can’t
blame me for convincing her to go home with a random guy. Otherwise, she would
have stayed at the bar and drank herself silly.

Anyway, he was the nicest man in that bar. And he knew how to treat her right.
So of course I’m going to let her go home with him.

To be frank, her other passenger is really getting on my nerves. While I am
trying to do my honest-to-goodness job, that little devil is telling her to
cheat on her new boyfriend. I guess they haven’t became exclusive yet, and
they’ve only known each other for a day, but you can tell they’re gonna be a
sweet couple.

I actually don’t hate that little horned dude that much; he’s rather
attractive, honestly. In a devilish kind of way. It’s unfortunate that our
duties meet in conflict, or else perhaps I could… In an alternate universe,

But alas, I must concentrate at the task at hand. I don’t want to be disgraced
as a fallen angel. My authorities are already unhappy with me. They are
suspecting me of behaving peculiarly. But it doesn’t matter. I’m just trying
out new hairstyles. I need one that suits my new personality. And one that can
cover these weird twin bulges that are growing on my forehead…

Written for:

An Angel’s Story

According to Me – Icebreakers

According to Me, icebreakers are a perfectly ordinary social tool. It does not earn a person the right to be accused of being nosy, or random, or of the like.

I like being vocal and I suppose I am the type of person who simply cannot bear being silent. Perhaps I am in love with the sound of my own voice. I have heard that that is an actual “thing”. Anyhow, I abhor silence. Thus, whenever the awkward silence looms upon us and readies its wings for its downward descent, I launch the icebreaking questions. Some call it out of the blue, but I really don’t see why they do. I ask generic questions like: Do you have a pet? or What’s your favorite color? or even aptly relevant questions like Feeling nervous? to the interview candidate beside me. For some reason, this earned me a propensity to be accused of being “So random” when in actuality I am merely sparking conversation with perfectly innocent icebreakers. What do you think? Am I jumping topics too quickly? Or is it perfectly justified?

You would not believe the number of times when I heard “Huh? Why so random?” from my friends or when I encountered raised eyebrows from others. Really, is there anything wrong with using these very general icebreakers to halt the march of that ghastly fiend known as ‘awkward silence’?

According to Me – Icebreakers

According to Me – Dare to Ask

According to me, being bold, brash and brazen to demand for things or to speak out, is far from being a bad thing, although it may brush off as being brusque and rude, as I have explained in my previous According to Me. I believe the benefits far far far outweigh the cons. Now I want to mention another benefit of being excessively vocal: You never lose the “You first” game.

What do I mean? Has anyone ever asked you a question and you ask them the same thing out of raw curiosity, or with intentions for diversion, conveniently forgetting to reply, until they used the ultimate and unrivaled command: You first.

You fight back with a weak and pathetic: You say first. And they throw down the penultimate game-winning trump card: But I asked first.

Yeah, that situation. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s not a very common situation, but it used to be, and it still happens from time to time, right? If you are bold enough to ask the questions first, you will never find yourself in the position where you are at the losing end of this “You first” game.

I stumbled upon this advantage when I asked my friend out of the blue: What were your results? And so she replied, and I’m utterly confident she’s about to ask me the same thing; what sane person wouldn’t? But before that, a door opened and summoned her. She had to go. Now I sit here and indulge in the knowledge that she will never know the answer to the question, and I remain a mystery to her, and she is possibly (fat hope, but a man could hope) dying of curiosity to find out more about me. (I just realized how vain I sound by writing this.) Ah, well, whatever helps me sleep at night, right?

According to Me – Dare to Ask