#Writing101 Ernie & Malcolm

Today’s Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.


Optimist vs Pessimist?

Ernie: Hey, do you think you’ll ever become a writer?

Malcolm: Nah, writing is just my hobby. It’ll never become a career.

Ernie: But you’re a really good writer, I like the stories you write. I thought Red’s Revenge was cool!

Malcolm: Red’s Revenge? It’s not even an original story. I just made it up after thinking about Red Riding Hood for a bit.

Ernie: Yeah, but still it’s kinda cool.

Malcolm: *shakes head* Nah, I probably unconsciously copied it off some CSI Miami episode that I watched ages ago.

Ernie: You’re such a pessimist, man.

Malcolm: No, it’s truth. I don’t want to become a writer anyway. Too much risk and no guarantee. You write books after books, not sure which one will become a bestseller. And when something you write finally sells, you’re probably too old to enjoy the money and fame anyway. I’d rather be an accountant.

Ernie: But you’ve got great talent…

Malcolm: Yeah, maybe I’ll use that talent to write down my tales as an accountant

Ernie: What do you mean?

Malcolm: Err… I don’t know what I’m talking about either.

Ernie: *awkward silence*

Malcolm: *awkward silence*

#Writing101 Ernie & Malcolm

For Crying Out Loud

I just want to be free. Free
And live a life
I declare my own,
With nobody I have to answer to.

I just want to be free. Free
And someday I will be.
Until then, I must be patient
But it’s killing me.

I just want to be free. Free
To do as I please.
I have big dreams, and they are smothering:
My opportunities, me.

For Crying Out Loud

An Original Fanfiction

So I’m planning to write an original fanfiction, plot still yet to decide. Introducing, the two leads:

First, a male, name tentatively undecided, but highly capable and intelligent. A man of many paradoxical traits, he is playful yet responsible. He fools around, but is a high achiever, and has stellar results in his profession (still yet to decide, I’m thinking law) He wittily mocks, teases, and bullies(playfully, of course) everyone in his firm/company, and some of his closer friends, yet everyone tolerates, and most of the time, enjoys his company. He is entertaining, and has cute looks. He is arrogant, cocky and self-centered, but for good reasons, and never to an extreme extent. As for his love life, he is happily in love with a girl, who is in most ways his opposite. But that doesn’t stop him from flirting around, but he never goes beyond the point of no return. His flirtations are always limited to playful conversations, and never more.

His girlfriend, is controlling, firm and is used to always getting her way. She is the only one to be able to truly tame the male lead, to get him to be serious.She is unimaginably elegant, causing guys toswoon over, and girls to admire her. She shall be a woman who prides herself with her job, identifiable with her position in her company, as her boyfriend shall be. She is optimistic, able to say the right things at the right time, magnanimous, charitable and generous.

SPOILER In a later part of her story, her calm demeanor shall break, when her boyfriend leaves her, and she would lose all composure, becoming a completely different person.

I look forward to writing it! As I hope you do, look forward to reading it.


hopefully a potential author

An Original Fanfiction

“When I am with you,there’s no place I’d rather be”

-Rather Be, by Clean Bandit


3 cm short, or 差三公分想爱你, is amazing. Sadly, I doubt there are any copies online to re-watch it. The only option may be tonton.com.my.

Inspired, I am considering whether I have a future in production. TV production. Yes? No? Maybe?

Today’s episode was pretty touching. To hear someone you once loved, and still do, confess that he has found the one, then to give him up, in order for him to be happy, must be truly devastating. But isn’t awkward to later spend the night at a carnival with him? Like, he broke your heart, yet you’re trying to distract yourself from your sadness with his company.

Anyway, I feel like dedicating tonight’s post to everyone out there who has a missed their chance, be it in their love life, or studies, or life in general. Don’t give up! Life has a way of closing one door and opening another.


quite a sentimental writer

PS: I accidentally restarted my Dota2 installation because I didn’t know it can’t resume after restarting Windows. sigh…