When Parents Keep Asking You to Study

You know what holidays are like, don’t you? You’ve definitely been to school, or you might even still be schooling.

Well, what does everyone in school look forward to? (Brace yourself for an overgeneralized stereotypical answer.) Everyone looks forward to the holidays! Spring break, or summer break, or winter break, or semester break, or June holidays, or whatever you call it from wherever you are from.

It’s Spring Break and dhe crowd goes wild!!

Well, I know I love my holidays. But there is a catch.

I study abroad, away from my parents in Malaysia, living on my lonely lonesome in a hostel in Singapore. Holidays carry a special meaning to me. They mean that I get to finally go home.

But home is never what I expect it to be.

Here’s what I expect it to be: Home should feel like those commercial houses near the beach that people rent out to Spring break people to party in, with unlimited wifi, unlimited food, no curfew, no lights out time. Basically, no rules. Do whatever you want.

I’m imagining a getaway like this.

It’s the least I can expect from parents who have not seen their little baby for months, isn’t it?

But noooo, here’s reality:

“Fred get off the laptop.”

“Fred, study.”

“Fred, how come I never see you open a book?”

“Fred, how come you spend the whole day in your room?”

“Fred, when I say get off your laptop, it doesn’t mean you can use your phone.”

“Fred, how about I send you to tuition classes?”

“Fred, go write an essay.”

The nagging never stops.

Frankly, it feels worse here. I rather stay put in my hostel on my lonely lonesome than come back to a hellish home. I feel that my parents has lost their understanding of the concept of ‘holiday.’ They should be sent back to school.

How about you? Were holidays always what you expected it to be? Did you spend your holidays being a complete internet potato or did you go all out with wild parties? Did you enjoy the extra face time with your parents and siblings? Or should your parents be sent back to school as well?

When Parents Keep Asking You to Study

Ten Things I Love & Hate (About Subway)

In response to a challenge posed to me by my buddy e, (gee it rhymes) I am going to name ten things that I love and ten other that I hate. Recently, I have also gotten a simple job of serving sandwiches at Subway (a fast food chain if you are unaware). Thus, these things that I love/hate will be from this working experience.

lovehateThe Rules:

  1. Name 10 things you love and 10 things you hate.
  2. Nominate 10 other people to pose this challenge to.
  3. Notify them of the challenge.

First off,

  1. I hate being the invisible newbie, though it isn’t much better because now I finally get attention but only because I made a mistake. And I make a lot of those.
  2. Love the beat boxing drink dispenser. It pfffts to pump in the gaseous fizziness whenever a customer uses it and it does produce a sick beatboxing beat when it does. I wish customers could dispense it all day. But of course, their cups are only sixteen ounces 😦
  3. Love crushing the crab sticks to make the Seafood and Crab mix with my bare hands. It feels like I’m squashing the brains of my enemies.
  4. Hate my supervisor
  5. Love free wifi. Who doesn’t?
  6. I both love and hate the free Subway employee meal. It’s nice because FREE THINGS ARE ALWAYS NICE, but I am getting tired of it.
  7. Hate customers I meet that give the order, “All sauces please.” (they don’t actually say please. I think I have actually never heard a ‘please’ in my eight days of working so far.) Anyway, I digressed, but… WHO THE F- DOES THAT!? WHO ORDERS ALL THE SAUCES!? There are ten different dressings and sauces in total, and I’m guessing certain that them all combined tastes like… like… I have no idea, but it will just be very wet. ALSO, it’s very messy for me and to every ‘all-sauce’ person, I HATE YOU GUYS.
  8. Hate people calling the lettuce as ‘salad’ or ‘cabbage’ (wrong use of quotation marks there oops.) Lettuce is LETTUCE. It’s even printed right in your face with images displayed telling you that it is called LETTUCE.
  9. Hate other variations of the above point like referring to Jalapenos as ‘chili’ and pickles as ‘that green thing’.
  10. Hate that green capsicums have an alternative and acceptable name as ‘Green Bell Peppers’ because if they order pepper, I have to clarify if they mean ‘capsicums’ or do they want me to sprinkle ground pepper for their sandwiches.
  11. Hate mustard. I’m biased.
  12. Also hate people who pronounce mustard as ‘Moos-tard’. Like what. Do you even English?
  13. Hate people new to ordering in Subway because they take like fifteen years to understand the menu. I think Subway should consider having educational commercials once in a while.
  14. Hate huge orders. Like this story I’m going to tell: a woman walks in and orders four foot longs. I was careful not to insult her by asking having here or take away. Then all the other staff with other duties, e.g. kitchen shift or dining shift (anything but service bar shift), they had to come to the service bar and be my assistants and they all give out the vibe like I just forced more work unto them. Can they be any lazier? Shit. Don’t answer that. Of course they can.
  15. Story two: this bad-ass hiker came in with full gear and ordered 10 wraps. OMG. It was hell to make all of those. Mainly because the wraps had to be microwaved and not oven-toasted. Ovens can accommodate like eight sandwiches at a time. Microwaves, one. Sigh. It was ten times twenty seconds of the customer just eyeballing me while I attend to his order.
  16. But some customers are nice too. I love cute looking customers. Come to my subway and I’ll give you extra lettuce 😉 (Note: Offer extends to girls only)
  17. I love Sarcastic customers. They spice up my day and keep my mind active with work besides the usual multitasking, remembering veggie and sauce orders. Haven’t met one yet though.
  18. I love this one funny customer who ordered ‘onions extra giler (like crazy)’ and “pickles extra giler” and then was about to ask for “olives extra giler” but he noticed it was spilling over and he was like “tak muat? (Can’t fit?)” and I’m like *Sheepish* “Yeah….”.
  19. That one customer then proceeded to pay a twenty six Ringgit meal entirely with one Ringgit bills. His girlfriend laughed at him and it was quite a funny interaction. Gotta love anything that spices up my otherwise mundane duty.
  20. Hate customers who order their choice of meat before their choice of bread. (Oh, back to hate already? I realize I don’t have much I love about my job. Good news, I’m quitting in thirty-or-so more days.)
  21. ESPECIALLY HATE the effing packaging of the hot baking paper we put the bread on. It’s similar to a tissue box and sometimes when I pull out a piece, the subsequent piece doesn’t follow out and I have to struggle WITH GLOVES, MIND YOU, to get that next piece out.
  22. Love working whenever it’s not operating hours (like before opening or after closing) because we have this sound system and we’re free to use it and you know we turn it up loud.
  23. (There’s thirteen hates and nine loves.)

How was that? For me, I learnt that I hate my job more than I love it. Anyway, for the nominations:

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Looking forward to all your responses soon!!

PS: I took a while to respond to this challenge because I was accumulating work experience to write for content.

Ten Things I Love & Hate (About Subway)

50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 things that make me happy
1) Knowing that I’m the smartest person in the room
2) Pulling off a trick successfully in front of a friend/friends
3) When I know I will have an uninterrupted afternoon all to myself
4) Completing a song mashup on FL studio
5) Getting lots of likes on a post. (A great big thank you to all my readers and likers and followers! )
6) Proving other people wrong, especially when it makes him/her realize he’s/she’s been living a lie
7) Nights where I stay fully awake until the next morning and 8) Finishing half a season of Castle/Arrow/The Flash/Awkward/Faking It/How I Met Your Mother/Big Bang Theory etc. and 9) I sleep through breakfast and lunch after that, waking up because I suddenly have cravings and 10) Getting dinner right away that satisfies those cravings then repeating 7-10
11) Having a girl/girls laugh at my original pickup lines and admitting that they’re not bad
12) Getting compliments that I’ve never heard before
13) People praising my writing
14) Understanding jokes on TV that no one else understood
15) Chopping onions without shedding a single tear
16) When I smell the aroma of fragrant cooking (normally Chinese dishes)
17) When I cuddle with a certain someone
18) When I cuddle with my bolster and snuggle in a warm blanket, just my bolster and I, in an air conditioned room.
19) When I guess something right.
20) People recognizing for my talent, if any
21) Completing some form of handiwork e.g. fixing my own bag’s broken zip, patching up a hole in my jeans etc.
22) Finishing a damn good book
23) A girl texts me first for casual reasons
24) People show up for the outings I plan
25) People making life easy for me
26) Getting along well with people that I didn’t expect to get along with well.
27) When I wake up few minutes before  my alarm sounds
28) Perfect weather when I need to go outdoors
29) When my muscle aches on the next morning after I gym
30) Getting looks and glances or even stares from strangers.
31) Make friends on the airplane
32) My food order coming quickly
33) My Instagram pictures getting many many many likes
34) Friends who understand my sarcasm and build up on my jokes
35) When things go right just the way I want it to especially after I am super chill about it when I should be worried and stressed about what to expect
36) When my username is not already taken
37) When my computer starts up fast
38) Being surrounded with people who I’m comfortable with
39) People entertaining my random and ridiculous ramblings
40) When I kill flies and mosquitos with bare hands
41) When something I toss lands right into the dustbin
42) Pleasant dreams
43) When I remember the pleasant dreams the next morning
44) When I can operate my computer with only keyboard buttons and shortcuts to surf the Web
45) When I tear A4 papers into perfect halves
46) When I see a paper aeroplane glide like it’s riding an invisible pegasus
47) When I think of alliterative clauses
48) When I recall an Internet joke to use at the right time
49) Knowing all the lyrics to my favorite song and nailing the singing perfectly 😀
50) This blog makes me happy.

There! 50 items that make me happy! Are there any that you could relate to? Writing this list was helluva fun! Feel free to try it! I also want to nominate my followers who haven’t yet done it, to do it too! See your responses soon! 😀

50 Things That Make Me Happy

The Mouthful of an Award

Brotherhood of the World UPSIZEDThe Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award!! If it isn’t an honor, it is certainly a mouthful. My gracious gratitude extends to Ameena k.g, blogname of Randoms by a Random, who nominated me for this award. It was originally the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, but it has apparently undergone a vast transition, leaving me confused as to who are eligible for the nomination. So, I’ll move on to answer the questions Ameena left for me.

1) what is your favorite book

This is an impossible question. I am an avid reader and every time I seem to have found a favorite, I discover another. I am also the type that never reads a book twice, so I cannot determine my favorite book based on criterion ‘Number of times read’ either. But here are a few of my favorites book series. Skulduggery Pleasant, Septimus Heap and the Harry Potter series. Skulduggery Pleasant is an octalogy, while the other two are heptalogies.

2) why do you blog?

Well, this blog is merely four months old. And the reason behind this blog in those four months has been a simple ‘to pass the time’.

3) define love according to you

Love is a confusing amalgam of contradictions that complement each other. Its a relationship based on trust, yet there is obligation to keep no secrets hidden from your partner. It’s a give and take; a relationship of tolerance, yet there will be the unadulterated gestures of love, the sacrifices of divine proportions. It can be beautiful, and also the source of heart-wrenching agony. So what is love? It cannot be defined. Or perhaps it’s happiness derived from another individual that you inexplicably, yet immensely care for, if you were to allow me to be blunt and crude.

4) if you had to choose one- fiction, non-fiction, poetry, which would you choose and why?

Unarguably, unquestionably, undeniably, fiction. It has more opportunities for humor as compared to non-fiction. Poetry is definitely more potent and beautiful, but it’s very difficult to write. I am not a man of little words.

5) characteristic of your ideal woman

Quirky, independent, intelligent, romantic and humorous.

6) life is- a roller coaster, mountain climb, landslide, other.

No, life is another Titanic. It makes for a great movie, but in the end it’s going down.

7) favorite author

As of now, Jeffrey Archer, because Sons of Fortune gave me the biggest thrill I had in a while.

8) what legacy would you like to leave.

I would love to be known as The Crazy Uncle, as someone who is respected for his wisdom and advice, as someone who can always be counted on to hype the party, and most of all, I would like to be an inspiration.

Brotherhood of the World UPSIZEDSisterhood

I would like to nominate you:

An Opinionated Man 

Babso2you  – Host of the Mondays Finish the Story Flash Fiction Challenge

Rohan of Pint Sized Fiction 


Joycelin of Tribalmystic 

Amanda Lyle of Inside the Life of Moi 

Chow Kim Wan of caress.possess.music 

Dan from DanBlogs994 

E from authenticitee 

PricelessJoy – Host of the Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers Challenge (yeap, I know you’re award-free but you deserve recognition!)

Nimmi from Soul mate’s 

Victoria Iskak from Raindrops & Fireflies 

Yinglan from A Simple Life 

To my Nominees, Answer These:

  1. Which philosophies/quotes/life lessons/cliches/phrases do you find most applicable to you now? Elaborate.
  2. What is your worst trait?
  3. What age would you like to live to?
  4. Which famous person do you think you can swap identities with, without anyone suspecting anything?
  5. List out all your hobbies.
  6. Which of the five sense do you think you can live without? Why?
  7. In a good cop-bad cop interrogation situation, (google it if unsure) which role would you prefer to play?
  8. If you were forced to participate in a talent show, which of your talents would you feature?
  9. If you were to choose one- Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry- which would you choose and why?
  10. What legacy would you like to leave behind?

Hope to hear your responses soon!




The Mouthful of an Award

The Creative Blogger Award!!

A great galloping thanks to Izzy-grabs-life for my second WordPress Award Nomination!! This is my second award, and it happens to also be a Creative Blogger Award!!! The first time round, I did not really adhere to the rules, (not my fault, they weren’t stated clearly) so this may possibly be a divine intervention offering me a shot at atonement for my ‘sins’.

The Creative Blogger Award

  1. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs.
  2. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important).
  3. Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers.
  4. Pass these rules on to them

I would like to nominate you:

  1. Lilrants  http://lilrant.wordpress.com/ – She has the most creative interpretation of ‘stripper’ I’ve encountered. joking
  2. Pint Size Fiction – http://pintsizefiction.com/ – Bite-sized nuggets of creative fiction.
  3. MythRider – http://mythrider.wordpress.com/ – Creatively deceptive. She fooled me into thinking she was male because of her profile picture.
  4. Priceless Joy (PJ) – http://pricelessjoy.co/ – Forgive me, PJ’s blog is allegedly blog free, but PJ deserves a nomination nevertheless! Brilliantly creative Flash Fiction prompts.
  5. A Narcissist Writes Letters to Himself – http://notesfromanarcissist.wordpress.com/ – I particularly enjoyed how he described his girlfriend as a demonic talking skull that haunts him.
  6. Life in the Foothills – http://salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com/ – I hope one day you can indulge with me the mystery behind your creative username: babso2you
  7. Still Life with Grad Student – http://stilllifewithgradstudent.wordpress.com/ – She has the most creative way of dissing about life that makes it so interesting to read.
  8. waltbox – http://waltbox.wordpress.com/ – Anyone who knows Dick Hercules will admit he’s the greatest (fictional?) character ever created.
  9. Morpethroad – http://summerstommy.com/ – I just realized your username is actually ‘Morpeth’ and ‘Road’. Anyway, he is a splendid writer. Read his story on the Passenger which is simply brilliant.
  10. Fiction Favorites – http://johnwhowell.com/ – Creative way of telling us (from experience?) what not to do when: It’s your birthday, You’re Sent to Shop, etc.
  11. Nortina Mariela – http://nortinamariela.wordpress.com/ – Her flash fiction and writings are always terrific to read.
  12. Odd Realizations – http://oddrealizations.wordpress.com/ – An expressive poet that tells captivating stories through her eyes.
  13. The Bibliophile Diaries – http://thebibliophilediaries.wordpress.com/ – Definitely deserves a read. My favorite in particular: Grunge Princess. No one could have described themselves in a more eloquent manner.
  14. The Chatter Blog – http://bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com/ – Snippets of writing in micro-posts; short but sweet, and always with an inspiring message.
  15. Before I Became A Great Writer – http://bibliophilewannabe.wordpress.com/ – A talented poet who weaves creative stories into poems that are equally humorous and relevant.

Now, for 5 facts about me:

  1. I think I have a very vivid imagination which isn’t the best thing. Reason being, I often imagine myself in new experiences and adventures, but when I actually experience the real thing, it never meets my expectations. Certain examples include overseas trips, joining school clubs, love, and working. Quite an unfortunate double-edged sword here, I’m afraid.
  2. I am an only child. Now upon saying this, people are quick to jump to one of the two assumptions:  1)  I am terribly spoilt.   2)  I have overprotective parents.  Well, I think neither holds true. I never get what I ask for, nor am I denied a decent degree of freedom. However, I am constantly, persistently, consistently, perpetually lonely.
  3. Being constant-persistent-consistent-perpetual-ly lonely, with every new acquaintance I encounter, I approach with the intention of becoming close friends. Linking back to Fact #1, I am always disappointed. I have come to learn that I am a really weird misfit unique individual, which sadly means that I haven’t found anyone who can share my ideals with me.
  4. There is a title unceremoniously bestowed upon me which I abhor. That title is ‘flirt’. Linking back from #3, apparently being overly friendly with everyone you meet, especially girls, earns you some disgraceful monikers. As if being labelled isn’t enough, the rumors are spread and every female I approach is now wary of me. This is infuriating. How can they treat me like a sex offender when the only offence I ever committed is being too talkative?
  5. As of recent years, I began to accept the flaws of the human race, such as the judgmental aspects. I am now content with my narrow circle of friends, although actually deep down, not really. I treat people like dirt now, because apparently the opposite isn’t what they want. Consequently, I lost faith in humanity and I’m now a very pessimistic person.


PS: How do pingbacks work? Do the 15 (recently buffed up to 30) links I painstakingly included above count as pingbacks?  ( I included one to the blogger’s home page, and one to a post, in hopes of the pingbacks working.)

The Creative Blogger Award!!

#Writing101 I Had Weird Tastebuds

Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.


I used to be a very weird child. All because I love my veggies.

For me right, the best meal is the one with three type of veggies. From where I’m from, a typical meal consists of rice and three sides, usually one meat, one veggie and one egg. But my mom knew I liked veggies so she would cook three veggies instead. Sometimes she would cook some egg too.

(Noticed the awkward ‘right’? Well, that’s a habit of mine when I speak colloquially. It sounds much better spoken than when it’s written down. Oh well.)

Got this one time, my primary school form teacher asked me something. I forgotten what, but I replied, “I’m a vegetarian.” Then she sort of freaked out and her expression became very very shocked. Her eyes became big. Then she said,” Ha!? So young vegetarian ah!? Cannot one eh! Eh, you still growing up, you need your nutrients, your proteins, your everything! You have to eat meat one!”

(Brilliant grammar here eh? Haha!! I’m kidding, pardon me. I know the grammar is horrible.)

Of course, I didn’t really know what a vegetarian is, last time. I just thought a vegetarian don’t like meat. So I say I’m a vegetarian. I didn’t think the teacher will react like that.

Okay, everything above was me trying to imagine how I would actually phrase the sentence when talking aloud, then penning it down here. Yep, folks, that’s how I talk.

It’s my voice. I’m Asian and that’s how we roll. Or rather, itsliddat! (it’s like that)

#Writing101 I Had Weird Tastebuds

#Writing101 I Am My Own Rock

Today’s Prompt: Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

Loss? I could write about my loss in several things. The loss of my innocence, when I learnt how cruel the world is. The loss of the love in my family, that’s juicy for sure. The loss of my grandfather and great-grandmother last year, which I am not feeling as much as I should. The loss in insignificant competitions, that would not be juicy or even interesting to talk about at all.

The world is indeed cruel, wouldn’t you agree? Do you still remember the hopes you had as a child? The hopes that were crushed the minute you gained epiphany on how evil the world’s inhabitants are, do you remember?

I was a shy boy (believe it or not) and I wonder if it has ever left me. But as a consequence, my interactions with others were next to none. I kept to myself and my books, and games, believing everything I read. I believed that people were kind and the bad ones were taught a lesson and do change for the better, from Enid Blyton’s books. The Disney fairytales always taught me that there will be a happy ending.

I don’t quite remember when I lost my innocence/ learnt the harsh ways of the world.. and I don’t remember either if it was immediate or a transition. But what I know is, I’m not an optimist like I used to be. I became pessimistic, constantly worried, paranoid, and stressed, and all these happened unconsciously. I hate the person I’ve become. I like being optimistic. It’s really gloomy to look at the world from the gray perspective. Whenever I comfort my friends that ‘everything will work out in the end’, I feel like a damn hypocrite because I know it’s a lie and life will swallow us up. When I expect my examination results, I am somehow hoping for the worst. I became pessimistic even towards myself; I doubt my own capabilities to score.

Something is terribly wrong with the world. I wouldn’t want my future children to lose their innocence the way I did. Heck, I want them to remain bright and sunny for all of eternity, unlike their father had been. Sometimes I wonder if it was my own parents who made me this way. They never seem to be happy of me. Never proud of my achievements, and always doubting me. Negativity is infectious, and soon I began to doubt myself, and I was on a scholarship back then, where I would be terminated if I did not get consistently stellar results, thus the doubt from both me and my parents culminated in a great deal of stress for me. My father once advised, “Never let yourself understand what stress is.” Ironic, isn’t it, that my father was partially responsible for teaching me what is about?

And that brings me to my family issues. I feel like I grew up in a typical Asian family. (Truth be told, I don’t believe in stereotypes, but for the sake of conveying my meaning in the least words, I used ‘typical’. You get what I mean, don’t you? See, it works!) All the telltale signs of a typical Asian family are there, the musical classes, the demand for ‘A’s, all with incessant nagging and excessively strict parental control thrown in with a bonus. The only missing factor was that they did not demand for me to be a doctor.

I hate this kind of parenting. There is no love. To them, a son is merely a product that has to be polished to become the very best. So polish they did, and there is no love required in the process. Somewhere along the way, my father lost his love towards my mother. He even hates her. Hates, present tense, mind you. He grew distant and my mother was the only one I kept in contact with. It is absolutely ridiculous to have a father figure available, yet being forced to grow up without one. For the last six years, that’s what it felt like. I traded no more than an hour’s worth of conversation with him in the past six years. He lives in the same house as I do. My family is dysfunctional, to say the least.

But things only got worse. Since my father became distant, my mother grew moody as well. She developed tantrums, which was compounded by her lack of patience and short fuse, and exacerbated the entire family dysfunctionality. (created a word there.) She began declaring that I am her burden and could not wait to get rid of me once I had a degree which is capable of landing me a job. I don’t know how truthful it is since she blurted it out only during her tantrums, but it hurt me nevertheless.

So, I have no father figure, and I have a mother who does not care for me. I have no siblings, and my other relatives are more distant than (I don’t know…. insert your own sarcastic simile here please). You can’t count on your friends, since they are not obliged to stick with you through thick and thin….. and that leaves me with no one. I am my own rock. I guess that was when I hardened and believed in the worst in people, the worst of myself and the worst in what the world has to offer.

(Does this count as depressing? I sure hope not. I couldn’t care less anyway)

#Writing101 I Am My Own Rock