Breaking the Bro Code

He got into the car and reversed it. Right into the opposite wall. Darn.

He hated driving. He got out of the car to assess the damage. Well, it did not seem too bad. It definitely wasn’t worse than yesterday’s and the worst of the damage has already been dealt so today’s one didn’t stand out much.

Chuck absolutely hated driving. He used to be just a passenger who rode shotgun in Nate’s car. That was fun. Fiddling with the radio and having ample of leg space was his thing. Fiddling with a wheel and having his leg space cramped up by two pedals were not.

Nate recently hooked up with Gyna and insisted that it was his divine duty as boyfriend to fetch her to college everyday. And he also insisted on privacy.

“Dude, when you get a girlfriend – if you get a girlfriend – I will totally respect your space.”
Well that was that.

Having a best friend leave you for a girl was a terrible feeling but he was getting used to it. He was far from getting used to driving though.

He was crawling down the road in his Red Myvi, waving to most of the neighbors he knew whenever they zoomed past him. One friend, Mark, rolled down his window and yelled,

“Speed up, you incompetent snail.”
Chuck laughed and rudely gestured in reply.

It took long, but Chuck finally got there.

A petite girl rushed up to Chuck, a clipboard clutched in her hands. “Chuck! Chuck! Here’s a list of the cohort who voted for you last year.”

Oh, right. On top of Nate’s shit, Chuck still had to deal with the Presidential election shit.

Chuck took the clipboard from the girl. “Thank you so much, Clarice. What will I ever do without you.” He faked a wide smile and made a smooching sound.

Clarice grimaced. “Eurgh.” Then she muttered under her breath, but just loud enough so Chuck heard her. “You’d just be another loser.” Clarice flounced off.

Chuck smiled to himself. He recently promoted Clarice to campaign manager, ever since Nate left a gaping hole badly in need of a position in his campaign group. She did do the job well but… things just weren’t the same.

Just then, James yelled to Chuck from the other end of the corridor. James was a very bold and outspoken freshman that was the newest addition to Chuck’s campaign group. Chuck disapproved of James’s unorthodox methods and outlandish behavior but his astounding results had convinced Chuck. James printed out Chuck’s campaign leaflet and had mailed it to every students house in one night, together with a handmade wristband that said ‘For Chuck’.

This was done before James was even officially part of the group. Chuck wondered what has he done so right to have a person such as James to idolize and worship him like he did.

“Chuck Chuck Chuck!” James shouted excitedly as he quickly closed the distance between himself and the approaching Chuck. He scampered to a stop in front of him. “We need Nate.”

Chuck was, as always, amused by his enthusiasm and said the first sentence that he usually said to James. “Woah there kid, slow down.”

“I’m not kidding man. Clarice isn’t right for the job. I mean she does what she’s told, but she doesn’t have the ideas like Nate does. Nor does she do anything else out of initiative, unlike the time when I-”

Chuck cut him off. “The time you mailed my campaign leaflets. Yes yes, I really appreciate that. I really do. But what’s this now that you’re talking about Nate?”
“It is rumoured that Gyna is running for President.”

Well that wouldn’t be a problem, Chuck thought. He can easily show her who’s the true president in this school. He had earned the title for three straight years and he was convinced that pretty much the whole school is convinced that he is the one for the job.

Then James dropped the bomb.

“And Nate is her campaign manager.”

Nowhere near 1000 words, but I’m still working on the story. But I think “And Nate is her campaign manager.” makes a good cliffhanger.

Breaking the Bro Code

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